Busy Books

Busy books are effective hands-on interactive educational resources to make learning fun! Our learning folders are age-specific (1.5 to 5 years old) with bright, colourful, and clear pictures making them enjoyable for toddlers, kindergarten, and preschoolers. Moreover, they serve as perfect homeschool learning resources and also the best travel buddies for your kids.

The learning folders help in developing fine motor skills when the kids handle cutout pieces, enhance concentration, and stimulate their young brains.

The First Learning folder is suitable for 1.5 years to 3 year old toddlers. It is a wonderful learning resource for introducing the basic concepts of shapes, colors, animals, numbers, body parts, puzzles, rhymes, and likewise. The learning binder covers all the topics taught in pre-schools at an entry-level. This folder is also available in 20+ bilingual languages with English and 1 world language Mini Learning Binder is actually the shorter version of the first learning folder appropriate for 1.5 to 2.5 year old. If you are looking for a small, easy to handle learning binder, the mini learning binder is a perfect choice! The Seasons Busy book includes fun learning activities for teaching all 4 seasons to the preschoolers. It has do-a-dot season specific activity sheets, I spy objects sheets and other interactive activities. The Butterfly Busy book is a mega learning binder suitable for 3+. It has colorful bright pages and includes beautiful butterflies themed activity sheets! The learning binder has many fun activities that aid in visual discrimination, color recognition and sorting activities, logical reasoning, counting sheets, and much more. Community Helpers busy book has been designed to educate preschool kids about different jobs/ occupations. It is suitable for kids aged 3+. The pack consists of 18 different professions to help the kids understand the characteristics of every community helper. It includes matching activities, sorting activities, and learning sheets for their vehicles. Christmas Busy Book is a Christmas theme busy book for preschool and K.G. standard kids. It has 27 activity sheets with topics that help learn English Alphabet, Numbers, Color Matching, Color Sorting, Christmas Tree decoration, Christmas Table laying, Santa clock and much more Halloween Bingo is the classic game and has been passionately prepared for the families to play in parties and gatherings. Buy, print and play – easy to use sheets
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