Flashcards are an interesting and effective way for the introduction, identification, and memorization of different topics for the little ones. They help the kids in increasing their vocabulary, developing fine motor skills, and gaining knowledge on a particular topic. It can be used for homeschooling and also on road during travel.

Flashcards can be used in different ways depending on the age of the kids.

1. As Flashcards: for identification, recognition, and memorization.

2. As Matching Cards: You may print the cards in duplicate and use them for matching activities.

3. As Memory game: Again, the cards printed in duplicate will serve to be a good source for playing memory games.

4. Sorting Activities: The flashcards can be used for sorting depending on the age of the child. Sorting can be based on modes of transport like air, water, land or purpose of the vehicle, vehicle color, passenger capacity, number of wheels, business or recreational use, and likewise.

Currently, we have 2 types of flashcards:

  • Vehicle Flashcards that include 80 kinds of vehicles with 3 vehicle sorting worksheets.
  • High contrast black and white baby stimulation cards for Infants Black and white sensory flashcards are perfect for stimulating vision and cognitive skills in newborn babies. Christmas themed high contrast printable baby cards make an excellent and economical gift! Newborns visualize the world only in shades of black and white. Hence, monochromatic colors and patterns help in visual and brain stimulation. They serve an important purpose in early childhood development. These Christmas-themed black and white images are both fun and educational!
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