CVC word builder cards are hands-on cards to enhance the reading skills of early learners.

It is fun matching activity with colorful pictures for early and beginner readers. The preschool and kindergarten kids will love to practice spelling and reading with these interactive CVC word spell cards. They are a great addition for homeschool learning as well as for school curriculum.

The 22 word families included in the bundle are

-un family, -ug family, -ap family, -at family

-ot family, -op family, -og family, -ow family

-ut family, -ip family, -an family, -ar family

-am family, -eg family, -ig family, -en family

-et family, -it family, -ag family, -in family

-ed family, -ay family.

Product Information

It includes

  • 88 CVC (3-letter) word spell cards of 22 word families

4 word cards for each word family.

  • Alphabet cut outs in triplicate (Total 78 letters + 5 vowels in triplicate)

How to use the Word Cards?

Let the kid identify the image and try to recognize the separate sounds. Then the kid can place the letters on the cards corresponding to each image.

Why use the spell word cards?

The kids tend to learn quickly when it is associated with fun and interactive activities. Also, learning is made easy when combined with visual perception. The word images allow the kids to associate them with the letters and their sounds, making spelling learning easier.

Note – All the products are child-friendly, no sharp edges, all lamination corners are rounded.

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Phonics Pack 1 (Box)

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This is a physical product.
CVC rhyming word spell cards make phonics learning so easy and full of fun! These are hands-on word cards that enhance visual discrimination, fine motor skills, vocabulary and spelling skills, language skills, hand-eye coordination, and concentration of the kids. These spell word cards are suitable for kindergarten above age 3+ who are learning to read.
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