How to play Bingo

  • Ust cut out the Bingo cards, calling cards, calling card sheet, bingo chips.
  • The individual calling cards cut can be put in a box or a bag and spread the calling card sheet on a flat surface.
  • The players are given the unique bingo cards and bingo chips (can also use candy, candy wrappers or coins).
  • Play can begin by pulling out the calling cards from the box one by one and call out or show to the players. Players need to match the image on their bingo card and place a bingo chip. The play continues until one of the players gets five in a row (horizontally, vertically or diagonally) and shouts BINGO!! and we get the Winner!

Note All the products are child friendly, no sharp edges, all lamination corners are rounded.

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2 reviews for Wow Halloween Bingo (Box)

  1. Charlotte

    yeah.. nice

  2. Ava

    Liked it.. didn’t know there are so many categories of transports

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Wow Halloween Bingo (Box)

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Bingo is a fun game of chance that can be played by individuals of all the age groups. It is perfect for school classroom setups as well as family gatherings and parties. Halloween is the family time and time to enjoy with family and friends. What can be a better way to strengthen our bonds than the bingo game?

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